Friday, November 24, 2006

Ode to a Secret Pal

Oh Secret Pal O Mine How your gifts make me swoon Sometimes I sneak out of work to get them When they're expected; often around noon Your taste and style is just awesome And I love how you know me so well It's amazing to have you as my secret pal My friends all think you're just swell Each month is filled with anticipation To see what goodies you have in store I don't mean to seem so damn greedy But all I think is, please send me more I bet we're alike in many ways Hopefully one day we'll meet If not in the States, then perhaps In China, on some random street So I just wanted to say thank you friend For making this wait bearable and sweet I hope someone is as kind to you as you are Cause as secret pals go, you just can't be beat! (camera is to follow of my awesome gifts received today)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanks and Giving

While I am frequently reminded that I am seriously lagging in my blog efforts (thanks Nic) thought it was only fitting that I post today. Aside from the usual things such as good health, a home, a great job, family and friends, this year I have so much more to be thankful for. 13 months ago I started this amazing journey and have now been waiting 7 1/2 months for referral. Who knew that I would reap so many rewards in the process. It's an arduous task to try to explain to someone on the outside what it's been like to have so many amazing experiences at this stage of my life. I have met some of the most amazing people that I am proud to call friends for they have not only invited me into their lives but their hearts as well. While I expected to meet a few people who might be able to shed light on their experiences and the process in general, I never expected to join a sorority of sorts at 36. In many ways it's a reminder of things I missed out on in earlier years which makes the gift that much more meaningful. From my wonderful friends (you know who you are), the ALTS, to my secret pal who I believe truly goes out of her way to pick things I like; I am eternally grateful. Your kindness and generosity truly humbles me. On this day when we are reminded of being thankful, I wanted to tell you how I thankful I am for each of you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving; today and everyday. Love, Lisa