Friday, May 25, 2007

Mean People Suck

I've decided that mean people suck and that's usually all they do. I had an interesting week filled with some bitchiness, some reality and disappointment but such is life. I left an online support group which I loved out of principle and despite the reason, it still stings. Oh well, life goes on. Along these lines, it was truly a matter of principle..I wouldn't let someone disrespect me or people close to me in real life and this was no different. I just wish it didn't matter. I guess in the end it doesn't because the people who matter most in my life are here. (sigh) I realize I've been bad with updating this blog considering there is a lot going on in my life but sometimes things just get away from you. Life is good, I can't complain. Recently I met this great young woman who works in my same field. She's stunning, bald and still laughs at life through her chemotherapy. I told her to slap on some big gold hoops and she'll be setting fashion trends for years to come. If you have to be bald, pray you have a nice shaped head (unlike my ex, who I affectionately called egg-head). Work is good and I've been doing more consulting again. I just wrote a curriculum for NYS Early Intervention on Cultural and Linguistic Diversity and it passed first review with one suggestion to add in a sentence. The woman before me got ripped apart. I felt bad for her, good for me....NO REVISIONS!!!!!!!!!!! How fabulous am I? So I sit here waiting for MP (aka man person) to arrive so we can leave on our first weekend away together. I hope I don't kill him ;-) I'm getting ready to pass the 14-month mark of waiting for fortune cookie aka Mei Ling and I estimate I'll be waiting another 10-14 months. I can't until it's my turn but right now I'm happy to celebrate with Michele and Chuck, currently in Vietnam picking up baby Benajmin and Nic and Tim will be going to Vietnam this summer to pick up baby Zubin. I'm very happy for them both. Well that's it for now.....til next time

Monday, May 14, 2007

Rat's ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy's May 2007. Well I've been completely numb the past few months and really haven't had much to say but people keep nagging me for an update, so here it is. The new year started off with a bang of sorts. I accompanied Nic and two of her students to New Orleans to volunteer for Katrina rebuilding. It was a pretty amazing experience which left me quite humbled. I'll post more later and add some pics. February brought in more cold weather and the addition of someone new in my life. It's still early but so far, so good. March marked the one year anniversary of my dossier submission and April a year since my log in date (4/5/06). With waiting going to 18 months and beyond, what more can I possibly have to say? It's now May and sadly I have nothing to report.