Monday, September 29, 2008

L'Shana Tova, a year of beginnings

Tonight was an average Monday except Emme stayed home as she has a pretty yucky cold and I didn't mind a pajama day with my best girl. At 4ish we were picked up by MP who was joining us for this auspicious occasion and we dined at my mom's apartment with my nana and friends and their 2 daughters. This year the holiday signifies more to me because as this new year begins so does my new life. We had lovely conversation, a delicious meal, dessert, challah and much entertainment from the 2 year old. It made me start to think about traditions and where and how I want them to fit into her life. I hope as she grows she does so to respect her faith in addition to that of others but that grows with self awareness so she can become the person she wishes to become and that which is she is meant to be. It was a very light holiday, some special prayers read but mostly it was about family and I can't imagine it any other way. It wouldn't be a complete evening if the Divine Miss Em didn't wear my shoes or show her belly button to someone. She is just SO funny. I was corrected last night when I said I was not responsible for who she was because she came into my life this adorable, funny child. I was told she is who she is because of me despite her early start in life. If I really think about it...she came as an actress who gave a good performance and threw kisses as if it were anyone whereas now she is discrete. She can show love and affection appropriately because she receives it. I guess in a way I am responsible for who she is becoming and it feels good. In so many ways she is ME and that sometime scares me but I also know that stubborn streak and strong will, will help her as the child of a single parent. I want her to become a strong woman capable of anything and she definitely has the personality for it. My favorite picture is the next to the last one. It's a little blurry but she told me something funny and I was trying not to laugh. L'Shana Tova

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Sunday

I haven't taken a lot of photos this week but an update nonetheless. I made my first major mommy mistake when we were in Baltimore. I left "BEAR" in the hotel room and realized it 2/3 of the ride home. I felt terrible since this is Emme's favorite friend and he accompanies her to school each day. I call the hotel who found it and were only too happy to send it. There was apparently a problem since I told them to charge it to the account on file which was different than my name and address. So when BEAR arrived this week, he came C.O.D. and I wasn't home to receive him. I called and they were so nice that after I paid his "fare" they sent the driver back. The rep I talked to has a young daughter and I guess realized the importance of having our little friend back home. Interestingly enough Em hadn't looked for her bear or asked about him all week but when she tore into the box and saw him her eyes filled up with tears and she danced around the room with him before wrapping him in a towel and giving him a "baba". Even funnier, I have no idea how BEAR became a HE since it's dressed in yellow with a lace collar but she assures me it's a boy. Her language is really taking off and she now knows her name and a bunch of other words. She is starting some small phrases and I feel terrible when I can't understand what she is trying to tell me. Her speech therapist is wonderful and I love to watch them interact with one another. I didn't realize that we've been together three months already. THREE months and it seems like a lifetime ago. This week will mark three months since we arrived home and my girl became a US citizen. She came home eating bananas and apple sauce and yogurt; all mushy foods and now eats fish, chicken, meatballs, hamburgers, lambchops and pasta. She loves green grapes and bananas but won't try a sweet potato if her life depended on it. She hasn't eaten any veggies yet though I am thinking of trying a spinach pie to see if she'll eat that. She also seems to like pumpkin so maybe some squash will work. A few other photos (seem like we take a lot in bed) but she looked so cute. Another of her in my desk chair telling me she was "working". The last one was taken last night while she slept with her newest friend, Panda. MP bought it for her upon her arrival home but she wasn't into it until yesterday. She now drags it everywhere and it's almost her size and OH SO SOFT! She woke with a cold this morning so we're just going to hang out at home and do some cooking together later for the holiday tomorrow.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


We had a pretty low key weekend planned. Friday night grandma came over for dinner and we hung out and went through Emme's fall clothes to take stock of what was needed. Yesterday we had dance class though she wasn't too keen on it most likely because she woke up at 4:45am so by 10:30 she was pretty tired. We stopped at Starbucks for mama to have a little pick me up and shared a slice of pumpkin bread before heading to our friend Leslie's house to see her and her new daughter. We hung out a bit before venturing to the local street fair with babes in tow. Emme took an hour nap in the stroller and seemed to have a good time. I realized at some point my cell phone was gone but luckily I suspected it was left at Starbucks. Five hours later I found my phone unscathed under the cushion of the chair we were sitting in. Off to the hardware store we went to get a 3 prong outlet so our FIOS TV could be installed today. Oh what fun (as you can see). Before you knew it, Ra-Ra was here waiting for us and we spent some quality time together before heading out for dinner. We took Emme to a local pizzeria/restaurant that I first went to at age 2 1/2. The guys used to let me sit on the counter and roll a piece of dough. My elementary school was across the street and I grew up blocks away. Even if not by name, they knew us all and we always got a warm welcome and that continues to this day. 35 years later, it's the same guys and the same warm familiar hello. We sat in the restaurant section and Emme was quite impressed with their ravioli evidenced by her being covered in cheese. It was nice to bring the next generation there. Today we're just relaxing waiting for out new FIOS TV installation and we'll cook a nice dinner later.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A little ditty

Grandma has been teaching Emme this song and the hand movements and she actually has it down pat but I can't seem to get a good video of her doing it. This is not her finest performance but I think she's just adorable doing it. It seems all my photos lately are taken while she's in my bed but this too was from when she was sick and that's pretty much where she camped out.

Monday, September 15, 2008

So many firsts

The road to recovery brought many firsts this weekend. Emme had her first pre-ballet class and seemed to really enjoy it. The age range changed so we may need to move her to the earlier class which is mommy & me. My only issue is that she DOES separate so even though I'd love to be there with get the idea. The teacher felt we should give her another week to see if she catches on. I don't want her to be the solo 2 year old so we will probably move to the earlier class the following week. MP took us on an adventure to Baltimore for her first baseball game. The trip was smooth and Em approved of the accommodations at the Inter-Continental Harbor Court. I was worried that this was her first hotel since China but she did well. She liked Camden Yards and got a first timer "kit", wore her baseball hat backwards and seemed to have a good time. You can't see but her hat says "Single & Fabulous". She ate pizza, clapped for the Twins and yelled HOORAY. She even got to wear her "Banana Baby" onesie from Auntie Kris for the ride down.

Friday, September 12, 2008

On the road to recovery

Well Emme has been sick for 6 days but on the road to recovery. What started as a cold, became a cough and 2 red ears and a sore throat. She had a big fever for 1 night but then just one less intense flare-up. She's doing better and went back to "school" today. I called and she was already napping after eating her lunch. We are supposed to go away tomorrow so hopefully her recovery will continue. I couldn't help take a few pictures of her yesterday napping and then eating a pedialyte pop. She doesn't like to be covered with blankets but has a new fondness for towels. Despite all her ailments she was a real trooper. She laid in bed for a few days, watched "toonies" and cuddled with me. Yesterday was harder as she was just cranky probably from her schedule being upside down and just plain old cabin fever. The one exception was when I went to the grocery store to get her some jello and she wailed for 30 minutes and laid by the front door crying for me. I felt so bad and by the time I got back she was eating yogurt with grandma. One interesting thing which evolved was that she has always called me "mama" almost from the beginning. However, she called her nannies all "mama" too. She calls my mother "ma" and my nana, "nana". She calls women she likes "ma". Two days ago she started to call me "MOMMY". While I am partial to "mama" this signifies something to me and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Signed Mommy to Emme Li

Monday, September 08, 2008

SO big

Emme is two and a half today so it is only fitting that we celebrate. No one wants to wait ANOTHER six months for a reason to celebrate. While under the weather a party was still is order. The guest of honor blew out a candle (and hopefully made a wish) but didn't partake in the chocolate sweetness. We did sing and she loved her crown that we made earlier today to celebrate such an auspicious occasion.

Down but not out

Emme is suffering from her first American bug. She woke in the middle of the night Saturday coughing, runny nose, flying snot and continued coughing followed. She hasn't had any fever and I cannot believe that her mood has not been altered other than a little lethargy. She has been drinking plenty of fluids, a tepid bath to keep her comfy and lots of hugs and kisses. Today I had an important meeting at work so grandma and I tag teamed her. I went to work this morning and came home after lunch to relieve her so she could tend to something else. In true Emme form, after breakfast she put on her backpack and didn't understand she had to stay home from "school" today. She's been laying in bed watching "toonies" and just kicking back. Here's hoping I don't catch what ails her as we having a weekend adventure planned with her favorite man and mine. Despite her sniffles we are having a "party" tonight to celebrate her turning 2 1/2. After all who wants to wait six whole months for a celebration. A few pics from today.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Today marks 2 months since Emme arrived home in the US and became a US citizen. Some days it seems like a lifetime ago and on other days it feels like yesterday. What I do know is that an amazing transformation has come about in the past 2 months in both of us. She has learned to trust again, to give and receive love and affection, to smile, to share and to be who she was meant to be. I have learned to be a little less selfish, to listen more and to appreciate the smallest of gestures. It was only 2 months ago that I was afraid of the future and today I can't imagine my life without this littlest blessing. We spent the weekend with friends at the children's museum (and we became members), a great day with MP and his family and mama even got a respite on Monday while Emme had tons of fun with grandma and nana.