Sunday, June 20, 2010

40 and Fabulous

40 years ago, my mom was getting ready to welcome me into the world. She's never missed a beat in all that time. I hope I never miss a minute of Emme's. In some families, being raised by a single parent is a hardship and is others a blessing.  I know whatever I learned, I learned close to home and can only hope to be as good a parent as she is to me.  Turning 40 is my badge of courage.  Similar to my Twenty-Ten post, I've accomplished so much these past 10 years that I really am celebrating me and the people who have contributed to my success.  Together these strengths and weaknesses brought me to take a leap of faith into the arms of a Chinese baby needing a mommy to love her forever.  From bad, comes good and from good comes great.  At 40, I am enjoying life as mommy to a feisty four-year old.  I don't know all the answers but I know the journey just continues from here

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Night Date

Cupcakes airbrushed in blue and green $5
Cinderella DVD $15
Princess couture $40

Watching my girl relish every moment and even taking on the role of the prince to dance with her....PRICELESS

Monday, June 07, 2010

25 Summer Goals - Updated 7/22

  1. Enjoy every possible moment of my 9 night cruise next month 
  2. Eat ice cream 
  3. Go swimming as often as possible 
  4. Wear sunscreen 
  5. Wear a cool hat or big flower in my hair 
  6. Find sea glass to add to my small collection 
  7. Go fruit picking 
  8. Read what's on my Nook 
  9. Take lots and lots of pictures 
  10. Practice the aforementioned skill 
  11. Have picnics with Emme for dinner 
  12. Spend more time off the computer than on 
  13. Let people take photos of me 
  14. Go to a farmer's market 
  15. Invite friends over for dinner 
  16. Relax 
  17. Take bubble baths 
  18. Find some great recipes for summer fare 
  19. Have many pedicures (nothing uglier than a snaggle-toe) 
  20. Wear a bathing suit and not give a shit what anyone thinks 
  21. Make a new friend 
  22. Visit an old friend 
  23. Do something extra special and romantic for the man I love 
  24. Look for inner peace 
  25. Spend every possible moment loving my daughter and showing her all the beauty that is the world.

Haute Couture

We had a lazy weekend.  Didn't do much of anything and I believe pajamas was what I wore all weekend but that didn't stop Em from making an entrance.  You don't have to ask her twice if she wants matzoh ball soup.  She carefully selected her new rainbow dress, her silver sandals and donned one of her colorful hats.  With sunglasses to add the finishing touch, she emerged ready to take her dogs (stuffed) in a stroller walk to the local kosher deli.  As the story is retold to me, she made it as far as the mailbox before proclaiming pushing the dogs was hard work and she was ready to go over in the car.  Only a real gentleman would oblige this lovely young lady who was breaking in new shoes.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Twinkie

Twinkie is Emme's favorite dog.  I only learned a few months ago HE was a SHE.  Twinkie is worn for she goes everywhere.  I recently bought a backup but gave it to her.  We now have Twinkie and Princess the lab twins.  Last Friday night Emme proclaimed it was Twinkie's birthday and we needed to have a party.  Oh the pressure!  On Saturday morning we gathered all the guests, provided refreshments, a card and party hat for the guest of honor.  Needless to say a good time was had by all.

This week it was Puppy's birthday and today was Baby Dog's birthday (aka baby Pluto).  I just think someone likes cupcakes!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


One of the reasons I've been somewhat negligent in maintaining this blog is the time I've been spending commuting which I've never had to do.  The other reasons is my camera.  I am nearing the end of the photography class I began in March and what a wonderful journey it has been.  After waiting over a year to get in, I had the absolute privilege of being one of Karen Russell's students.  I've learned a lot, particularly I have stopped shooting in automatic and am now a manual girl.  I still prefer shooting aperture priority but I keep practicing.  Becoming a mother made me want to take a lot of photos since when the day came and she asked I wanted to ensure I had many captures of our life since there were none from her first 15 months.  This spiraled into a real hobby, the purchase of my first DSLR, an arsenal of lenses, books, NAPP membership and lots of goodies.  I'm far from professional but my images have come a long way.  I like natural light through I struggle with indoor shots.  This time of year is great so I can practice a lot outdoors though my main subject is less than cooperative.  I do prefer lifestyle photography but am less equipped to shoot subjects on the move.  I do love it and hope to continue to grow.  Some of my favorite shots.


My blog has been severely neglected.  It's hard to keep up with life sometimes but we're back in action.  Empress Emme is wonderful and is enjoying being four.  She discovered princesses 2 weeks ago and has been sporting a tiara and heels at every opportunity.  Her favorite is Cinderella and I am waiting for the right opportunity to give her the hidden blue dress and princess shoes which are hiding in my closet.  My hope is just catch her doing something so sweet and so nice that I just have to give her a little treat.  We'll see if I can hold out until family day on 6/20.  It's hard to believe in just a few short weeks, we will celebrate two years together as mother and daughter.  Emme is registered for full day universal pre-k for September and will attend with one of her "besties" which I think will help them both adjust more easily.  I'm so grateful to her parents (both teachers) who found the school and gave their stamp of approval.  Despite the girl drama they sometimes create with one another, I know they'd be sad to be without each other.  I'm hoping A and I will have some fun with them shopping for big girl school supplies in the fall.

Emme, mom-mom and I are going on a 9-night cruise next month and can't wait!  I am hoping it will be restful for me and an opportunity to spend much fun in the sun for us all.

So without further ado, some photos of my curly haired cutie who just this weekend mastered riding a big girl bike.