Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Color of Love

Emme enjoyed a lovely afternoon and cousin Brian and Kelly's engagement party. From what I was told, she ate, she schmoozed and had a grand time. She insisted on wearing her slightly large dress from Aunti Nic because it "twirls mommy". She decided accessories were in order do she donned her purse, her strand of peals and matching bracelet and looked so sweet. Sounds like a great time.

Down on the Farm

I was supposed to go away this weekend but as a result of my back injury, opted to stay home. Emme and I joined friends at the local farm museum for a carnival day. A good time was had by all. It was 74 degrees and sunny with lots of grass for running. The kids who all go to school together always act like they're long lost friends who haven't seen one another in ages. It makes for lots of smiles, hugs and laughs.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Welcome Spring!

We had a lovely weekend spent with Papa and GG in New Jersey on Saturday and Robert's family today for Easter. Em loved her egg hunt and got way too many presents!

Friday, April 10, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words

One of the things I think I regret about my earlier years is that I never really had a "hobby". As a kid and teen I LIVED for roller skating despite my weight problem but nothing much more. I think I have a creative side though what that is, I am not sure. I'm tone deaf, can't sing or paint and don't finish a whole lot of what I start. I like to cook but am not good at following recipes. Overall I don't think I take direction well so perhaps that's where exploring this alleged creative side comes in. When Emme came home I just loved taking photos of her. We live in a small NYC apartment and I don't have much space for extras so the digital camera became my friend. I started having some problems with the quality of my point and shoot so in October I splurged and bought a Canon XSI, AKA a DSLR camera. It's fancy and I LOVE it even though I can't shoot in anything other than automatic mode thus far. I do notice and improvement in the quality of my pictures though I want and need to learn a lot more. When I heard that there was a fellow AP who is also a gifted photographer that teaches workshops I became excited. Though I worried I'd get sold out of the NY workshop, I am IN and can't wait. I am leaving my baby with her grandparents in NJ and heading upstate for a weekend of fun, frolic and photography. What I like is that Deb gives back from all her workshops. She works toward helping families adopt children from China. At present, one of my FAVORITE gals will be the recipient of her generosity. So if you're into photography or you want to be, definitely check Deb out.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Rainbow Bright

It was such a beautiful day here we decided to go outside and twirl (and take pictures). I set up my new tripod which I've never ever used, had remote in hand and got a few cute pics of Em and I but my hand/remote was in most of them. Lesson one...lose the obvious. She just wanted to twirl and chase bubbles which is exactly what we did.

Happy Pesach!

Last night marked Emme's first Passover. We attended a seder at the home of our cousins and Emme did very well though somewhat vocal at times. As always, she requested MORE matzah ball soup but she also had brisket, carrots, an apple and a few grapes. Who can forget she also had a glass of "wine" (grape juice) and thought that was just groovy. She even gave a little amen, here and there. She helped light the candles and say the prayer (b/w photo) and enjoyed a rousing game of "match the mitzvah" with mom-mom. I expected her to be asleep in seconds once we hit the car at 11pm but the Divine Miss Em was WIDE AWAKE. We got home, cuddled and it wasn't long until I heard the Emme snore I've come to know and love.