Sunday, March 04, 2007


It's an arduous task to try and describe what my trip to New Orleans did for me but I'll give it a try. I went with my gal pal Nicole and two of her students. The goal was to help with the rebuilding efforts in Mississippi and New Orleans. They drove, I flew and we met in Gulfport where we stayed at a church that proved to be most hospitable albeit kooky. Our original jobs fell through but Nic persavered and needless to say we had work in NO. We spent Sunday in NO being tourists and had coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde followed by walking around for the day and then eating in the French Quarter. We drove through the garden district and headed out toward the Ninth Ward which was devastating to say the least. There are no words to convey the sadness observed. Living in NYC I can say that 9/11 was a horrific tragedy that won't soon be forgotten. However, when it was over, it was oven and people picked up the pieces and tried to move on with their lives. In NO, the suffering can be seen as you observe homes that haven't been touched since the day the storm hit and people who are homeless, jobless and lifeless. It really makes you appreciate what you have and a reminder not to sweat the small stuff. We met some of the homeowners which was sad but also rewarding in itself as it gave a name and identity to go with the story. I'll probably think of more to write later but I have to thank Nicole for inviting me to go along. It was truly humbling and I am a better person for it.