Monday, May 14, 2007

Rat's ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy's May 2007. Well I've been completely numb the past few months and really haven't had much to say but people keep nagging me for an update, so here it is. The new year started off with a bang of sorts. I accompanied Nic and two of her students to New Orleans to volunteer for Katrina rebuilding. It was a pretty amazing experience which left me quite humbled. I'll post more later and add some pics. February brought in more cold weather and the addition of someone new in my life. It's still early but so far, so good. March marked the one year anniversary of my dossier submission and April a year since my log in date (4/5/06). With waiting going to 18 months and beyond, what more can I possibly have to say? It's now May and sadly I have nothing to report.


secret agent said...

I am honored for the invite.
Here's your first comment in 4 months.

Michele and Chuck said...

We all still love ya chickie but I do miss reading about your snarky life. Keep me up to date with the "special person" news! here's to keeping my fingers crossed that we can meet up sometime this summer.

lisa said...

Yippee, YOu posted!

I was going to ask you if the new guy was still active in your life. Very interesting news.

Remember to keep your chin up and smile, there is still so much to life to enjoy.

Glad to know you girl.

Lisa said...

Hardly an update but ya know.....I'm keeping ALL my chins up ;-)