Tuesday, March 09, 2010


At four years of age, Emme can do the following:

  • State her four names 
  • State mommy's full name
  • Write her name and "mommy", "mom-mom" (grandma)
  • Knows all her letters
  • Can count to 50 forward and backward from 20
  • Knows all shapes, colors, animals, etc
  • Loves to dance and having marching bands (she distributes the instruments)
  • Loves her stuffed dog twinkie more than most things
  • Has daily tea parties or at least one home cooked meal for all her animals 
  • Has an incredible sense of humor
  • Is sleeping through the night, though still co-sleeping
  • Has strong peer relationships (likes a lot of people but has 3 special friends)
  • Will tell you who she DOESN'T like
  • Is  great traveler; loves planes, trains and automobiles
  • Thinks her mommy looks "gorgeous" in mismatched pajamas at 6am
  • Has outgrown the need for physical therapy (at 3 1/2)
  • Loves her gym class
  • Mastered her trike and likes roller skating
  • Has good problem solving skills 
  • Uses manners (please, thank you)
  • Still likes a good nap
  • Got her first library card and loves to check out books about dogs
  • Has decided our family vacation this year will be........Disneyland (umm third time in 2 years)
There are probably oodles of other things I'm not thinking of at the moment.  I think four will be a great age.


Debby said...

It has been a wonderful age for Jami. I was SO HAPPY to leave 3 behind....=)

It's a world of WHYs for us now.....

Anonymous said...

smart cookie!

Julie said...

She is an amazing kid. I feel so blessed having the opportunity to follow your journey to her and the time since you've been home. Thanks for sharing your wonderful child with those of us still waiting!

~ Julie

Cavatica said...

That's a lot!!!

Kris said...

4 is so much fun!

Michele said...

She's growing so fast. And I'm betting that Mommy is a little responsible for the decision on the Disney vacation.