Friday, October 07, 2011

Missing Fall

I vowed to get better with the blog but alas it's been almost 2 months.  I miss fall for it's my absolute favorite time of year.  The leaves changing, the colors and the crisp air.  I love winter too and nothing beats sleeping with the windows wide open while snuggling under the down.  I truly hate the heat so living in Florida isn't exactly meshing with my internal temperature gage.  The mornings have been cool which is nice but it's still not "home" to me.  I am however very excited that the Empress and I are heading to NY for a long weekend in less than a month.  We're going to visit mom-mom, our family and friends and hoping for that perfect brisk weather I miss so much.  I'm planning to pack light so I can haul my camera gear and snap away at the luscious colors.  Til then


dawn said...

Found you blog a couple of weeks ago. Went all the way back to the sad is that!
WE live in get the missing the seasons! And the heat...ick.

Lost and Found said...

Awwww thanks for reading my life story!!!! The heat is definitely ICK! I'm headed to NY for a few days so I'll try and bring some fall back with me.

Mariana Parreiras said...

We lived in Virginia and now in the West Coast. I miss the fall SOOOOOO much!!! Nothing compares to the fall in Virginia. The 98 degree weather we got yesterday is not ideal for pumpkin spice latte at all!!!!