Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day or How Awesome is NYC CIS?

Tomorrow is the final piece of the paperchase. Exactly one week after I submitted my I-600A I received the notice of fingerprinting appointment. So tomorrow at 8:00am I have to report to CIS (homeland security) for my federal prints. Once cleared I take a copy of that document and my home study and have them both certified by the Secretary of State and authenticated by the Chinese Consulate and OFF TO CHINA WE GO! The wait from LID (log in date) to referral is currently 8-9 months. Of course this can change in either direction so all I can do it wait. I opted to renew my lease for one more year and hope I will be able to buy something in the next year or so. Once I am DTC (dossier to China) I will start to interview pediatricians and look at daycare centers.

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