Sunday, February 05, 2006

Closer and Closer

My home study was finally completed and I mailed in my I-600A and am awaiting my fingerprinting appointment. Once I get the clearance I am DONE! While I am waiting for that I can take the photos that need to accompany my dossier to China. I am hoping to be DTC by the end of the month but that depends on how long it takes to get the fingerprinting appointment and then how long clearance takes. Luckily I had a good experience with the courier I used to walk all my documents through and I will use them again for the study and 171-H. It costs a few hundred dollars but I can't take the time off work and it takes away all the anxiety. The wait from log in date to referral has increased to 8-9 months but I am hopeful it will decrease at some point. I have been pretty patient considering my part was done in November but it's a process and takes time. I can't imagine how I will deal with the big wait from DTC to referral but I have projects to keep me busy. In case anyone cares, Meg Ryan adopted a baby from China two weeks ago. Her name is Charlotte and she was adopted the same way anyone of us would. China does not make exceptions and is apparently not impressed by money and presence. On another note, I connected with a guy who worked at my nail salon. It's a long story but he moved back to Beijing and we are planning to get together if I pass through that way. It would be nice to see him and meet his family. I guess that's about it here. Til next time

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