Thursday, August 14, 2008

Get Bloggy

Danielle, the incredibly talented young woman who designed my blog is celebrating her one-year anniversary bloggy style. She's offering discounts to both old and new customers. Definitely check her out here.

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Anonymous said...

i am happy for her and you i love seeing and reading more about you and emme makes my life alil nicer muahhhhhhhhh but my life is not blog worthy or at least not like my friend lisa i could blog abog about my misses and the ones involved hmm maybe i will i wont cause my biggest lose is with someone we all know muahhhhhhhhhhhhhh'hope yo come over n hang my girls cant wait to meet your lil one me either lord i cant member my password or crap ill me anonymous but you know its me lol lemme know if your comming friday i have so much for emme