Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Day

Emme seems to have enjoyed her first Thanksgiving. The day was spent with her grandparents and other family members she had not previously met. She provided the decor for the table in the form of her stuffed paper bag turkey she made with matching hat. Per usual she looked around for a pair of heels to don and this time it was her Grandma Gail's backless mules. I tried to explain to Emme that a lady must always check herself before going out because pantyhouse (or tights) stuck in the back of your dress is a fashion faux pas even when there is a cute little bear on one's tushy. She dined on turkey and cranberry with some apple tart for dessert. She even helped make the fresh ice cream! A lovely time was had by all. She even helped GG work off some of the yummies by practicing her Zoomba dancing. The only thing missing was Uncle Marc who was in Barcelona visiting his girlfriend.


Yoli said...

Love the teddy bear on the butt!

Snowflowers Mum said...

I think the teddy is winking!

Michele said...

You are going to be in troouble when she is old enough to raid your closet!