Sunday, May 23, 2010

Please Help

My dear friend "L" needs your help.  She and her husband were LID 5/2006 (China).  She later divorced and CCAA approved her to continue her adoption as a single parent since she was logged in prior to the May 2007 rule change.  Other than being single, she meets all the requirements, even today.  She has a career, a home and a lot of love to offer a child who waits for a family.  At less than 60 days from referral  CCAA reversed their decision without a valid reason which contradicts their earlier decision.  While we know they have the right to make these decisions, we as an adoption community are outraged knowing this is morally and ethically wrong.  If you want to offer your support, please stop by her blog (set up for this purpose), write your local legislators, etc.


Kris said...

i'm still just in shock. are there any petitions? somehow this has to change. has she joined SAC?

Coley - giving it our all said...

Did she get any answers this week?? I've still got my fingers crossed!