Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back from the Lake

Well I am back from my annual pilgrimage to Lake George. The weather was great, my presentation was well -recevied but it was a very emotional 4 days away from home for a variety of reasons. It's been a tough few weeks including some sleepless nights over guardianship issues which have since been resolved. Actually this has been an issue since I decided to pursue adoption and after much thought I finally allowed myself to make the decision I thought was the best. (big sigh) On the adoption front, all is status quo. I have a new China coordinator at the agency since the former got a promotion which I am fine with. In my case I am just glad I am passed the crucial part of having completed my dossier or I may have been more inclined to want to keep her as long as possible. While I never physically met her she was great to work with and I hope she enjoys her new position. It seems I won't really need to do anything until the time when I get my referral which seems to be 10 months or so away. Hmmmm actually more like 9 since I was logged in almost a month ago. Time really does fly, eh? I decided to do the 100 good wishes quilt and will work on sending out letters to family and friends in the next few weeks. I am going to hold off on joining official quilt swaps until I first have pieces from people in my life. No offense but I'd like to know the people who are contributors rather than a bunch of strangers I don't know. Of course I do have some newfound friends from the China adoption community which I am happy to swap with because I feel like I know them to some extent. Anyone from a military family let me know and I have some special fabric for you. I guess that's it for now.....Til next time Love, Lisa

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Bee's Blog said...

The guardianship thing can be so tricky. My sister and I will never be the same because of it. In the end, you need to decide who you think could best raise your child if you are no longer able too. I understand how hard it is, but it is part of the deal. Enjoy yourself now and get working on the quilt.