Thursday, April 06, 2006

Translate the Onesie and Win a Prize!

Hello fellow tribe members! One the the nicest things about joining my DTC group is "meeting" some fellow friends of the Jewish faith. Now granted I am not very religious but it's nice knowing I am not the odd woman out. My agency's group treats me like a leper being the single Jewish female of the group. It's like I am going to steal their husbands and convert their children. While not faith based, they appear to be mostly Christian. If I hear one more blessing, hail mary, praise the lord or bible verse I am going to PLOTZ but not before I both KVETCH AND KVELL. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against those of different faiths and my friends are of all backgrounds including my kooky love Jeani, my tattoed born again Christian, but be friendly damnit, that's all I am saying. The point was, it's nice knowing I am not the token Jew. To those who have attempted to post commentary to my blog regarding my "Got Rice" entry and were rejected, it's quite simple. If you are anonymous, you don't count. Got it? Firstly, you can dress YOUR children any way you want; don't tell me how to dress mine. Secondly, I never said I bought the aforementioned ensemble, I just thought it was cute. You want to be allowed an opinion, let me know who you are. Thank You, The Management