Thursday, June 08, 2006

I've Been Tagged!

Well I've been cyber tagged By Nicole so here A-Z list Accent: Definitely a Nu Yawka Booze: Not a major drinker but do like a fruity concoction now and then. Think malibu bay breeze, pina colada, apple, watermelon or chocolate martini or strawberry daquiri. Chore I Hate: Doing dishes Dog or Cat: Dog all the way Essential Electronics: PC, Ipod and Stereo Favorite Cologne: Issay Miyake (alcohol free) Gold or Silver: White gold or platinum Hometown: Born in New Jersey but NYC girl at heart Insomnia: Yep Job Title: Program Coordinator, MR/DD Services, Adjunct Professor, Consultant Kids: Waiting for my China Babe Living Arrangements: Apartment in NYC Most Admirable Traits: Success story, ambitious, lots of integrity and a great friend Number of Sexual Partners: none at present unless BOB counts Overnight Hospital Stays: several Phobias: bugs, thunder and lightening Quote: "the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else" Religion: Jewish by birth and by soul Siblings: 19 year-old 1/2 brother Time I Wake Up: as late as possible Unusual Talent or Skill: Unusual? No, just obscene Vegetable I Love: String beans Worst Habit: I think I can save the world X-Rays: Sure Yummy Foods I Make: Asian stir fry Zodiac: Gemini....definitely a twin..there are two distinct side to me. The one that most see and the side that only those closest to me get the opportunity to see.


Anonymous said...

This is your Secret Pal... I just sent out your June Package, the theme, hope I got it right, is Pamper the Parent... Unfortunately, I only now saw this blog... boy would it have helped!!!!

Oh well, hope you like the package, it's on it's way!

Hope the Anonymous posting really works! If not, then you know who I am, sorry!

Lisa said...

Ahhh hello secret pal O' mine. Yep you have remained anonymous. Just please make sure you stay that way. I loved your first package and look forward to many months of your goodies.

Lisa :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey you! I know it's taken me like forever to find and actually post something in your journal, but here I am!

I was trying to leave some cute graphic, but apparently this blogger place doesn't support html in comments. That blows! I have some really cool stuff.

Anyway... Just thought I'd say hi. Now I'm going to go read up on you in your journal. Don't forget mine huh?
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