Sunday, June 04, 2006

Quilt Progress

How awesome are my quilt pieces? All of the ones received so far are from members of my DTC (dossier to China group) group. They have come from all over the US and as far as Canada and Norway so far. Each one is more beautiful than the next and I am so touched by each and every piece. It's hard to capture the beauty of them here but trust me....they're wonderful. You'll notice that on each wish is a small piece of the fabric they sent so that some day we'll be able to match the wish with the piece that will be in the quilt. Pretty cool, huh? I have to get moving on sending out mine. I've bought all the fabrics which was so much fun and now I must get creative with the wishes. Anyone wanting to participate can refer back to my post about how you can contribute to my 100 Good Wishes Quilt for my daughter to be. If you need my address, let me know. Keep em coming!!!! Love, Lisa

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