Thursday, October 02, 2008

Three months an American girl

Three months ago we were still flying high before landing in Newark Airport. We arrived home around 7:30pm and Emme wandered around the apartment not sure how she felt. She has now completely taken over the house, my heart and all those around her. I love this time of year, when the temps go into the 60's or even 50's. I love to open the windows wide, snuggle under the down and I usually sleep much better. Now I get the added bonus of watching my daughter sleep on a brisk night but instead of a blanket she is sleeping clutching her favorite "hoodie" or a towel. Last night she wore her hoodie because she tells me it's soft. I must get her a few more. They are her favorite thing to wear at present. She had a bad night last night, a terror around 11:30 that lasted an hour. After she passed out and was still sound asleep at 8am. Poor thing has had a cold all week so it's possible that was a trigger. While she wakes almost nightly she hasn't had a night terror in a while. It breaks my heart not to be able to comfort her or touch her without risking her safety. She just has to ride it out. Last night nana came for dinner and Em threw her out of the recliner and then struck a pose. She is quite the character. A pic of her relaxing in the chair and then this morning on her way to "school" On another happier note, I decided that as a new mommy I deserved a present so my new camera is en route and it should have i tonight if UPS comes when I am home (signature required). I love my Sony compact camera but it's been dropped a lot and I am seeing a change though it's still useable. So I am joining the ranks of my friends and got my first SLR. I can't wait to try it out and see if I can somehow manage to figure out all the bells and whistles. Maybe next year when I have some time I'll take another photography class as I loved the one I took in college.


Lisa and Tate said...

She really is so cute! You will love the new camera. I just got one and cannot wait to have a cute gal as my subject.


Debby said...

Lindsi used a hoodie towel as her "blaket" for about 3 fuinally got so thread worn, I put it away & she slowly gravitated to a Gymboree blanket.

As long as it has a silky tag...we're good.

Jami could care less.


kris said...

makes me smile reading this, sorry to hear about the night terror though- glad she doesn't have them often..

you are gonna LLLLOOOOVVVEEE your SLR!

Beverly said...

love the pics. she is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 3 months.

We need to get them together in their dyed rompers.