Monday, June 07, 2010

Haute Couture

We had a lazy weekend.  Didn't do much of anything and I believe pajamas was what I wore all weekend but that didn't stop Em from making an entrance.  You don't have to ask her twice if she wants matzoh ball soup.  She carefully selected her new rainbow dress, her silver sandals and donned one of her colorful hats.  With sunglasses to add the finishing touch, she emerged ready to take her dogs (stuffed) in a stroller walk to the local kosher deli.  As the story is retold to me, she made it as far as the mailbox before proclaiming pushing the dogs was hard work and she was ready to go over in the car.  Only a real gentleman would oblige this lovely young lady who was breaking in new shoes.

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Anonymous said...

you know I love a tie dyed gal.