Monday, June 07, 2010

25 Summer Goals - Updated 7/22

  1. Enjoy every possible moment of my 9 night cruise next month 
  2. Eat ice cream 
  3. Go swimming as often as possible 
  4. Wear sunscreen 
  5. Wear a cool hat or big flower in my hair 
  6. Find sea glass to add to my small collection 
  7. Go fruit picking 
  8. Read what's on my Nook 
  9. Take lots and lots of pictures 
  10. Practice the aforementioned skill 
  11. Have picnics with Emme for dinner 
  12. Spend more time off the computer than on 
  13. Let people take photos of me 
  14. Go to a farmer's market 
  15. Invite friends over for dinner 
  16. Relax 
  17. Take bubble baths 
  18. Find some great recipes for summer fare 
  19. Have many pedicures (nothing uglier than a snaggle-toe) 
  20. Wear a bathing suit and not give a shit what anyone thinks 
  21. Make a new friend 
  22. Visit an old friend 
  23. Do something extra special and romantic for the man I love 
  24. Look for inner peace 
  25. Spend every possible moment loving my daughter and showing her all the beauty that is the world.


Debby said...

Fantastic Lisa...
Enjoy your summer!!!

Lisa and Tate said...

Great list! Yeah to summertime!

Michele said...

That is a terrific list. I hope you get to do every single one of them. And if you want to visit this old friend, the pull out couch is waiting. Just say the word.