Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Girl and Her Sign

I learned that peanut and I share the same zodiac sign.  We were both born in the year of the dog.  Is this another sign; perhaps so but it's another similarity for us to share.  We will have enough differences that anything that joins us is worth celebrating and honoring.  I wonder if Lisa knew something I didn't. One of my first and favorite secret pal gifts was a sterling silver character pendant which signifies "the year of the dog".  I wear it often and immediately its value has doubled.
1922,  1934,   1946,  1958,  1970,  1982,  1994,  2006
People born in the year of the dog possess the best traits of human nature.  They have a deep sense of loyalty, are honest and inspire other people's confidence because they  know how to keep secrets.  But dog people are somewhat selfish, terribly stubborn and eccentric.  They care little about wealthy yet always seem to have money.  They can be cold emotionally and sometimes distant at parties.  They can find fault with many things and are  noted for their sharp tongues.  Dog people make god leaders.  They are compatible with those born in the years of the Horse, Tiger and Rabbit.


kris said...

WOW... that necklace I'm betting will become a fixture around your neck!! How cool that you 2 share this?

lisa said...

Ok, I have to share this with you now. It's quite startling.

The pendent... was in honor of the year I thought your daughter and all of our daughters around us would be born in.

I was shocked it was your birth year, I didn't know at that time.

And now even more shocked at the connections. You and I Lisa, we will always share those links I think and I'll be all the richer for our connection.

Lost and Found said...

Who would have thought? Pretty cool if you ask me. Now I have to walk in the walk-in, I call Secret Pal central and see what's what.

Michele said...

My life IS richer and more special because of the connections I have made through this journey. L1, L2, L3 and N are 4 of the MOST SPECIAL people in my entire world...besides C and Jammer of course.

Beverly said...

I am a dog too. Glenys is a monkey most def.

I am so glad you were/are okay. Sorry to hear about your car being totaled. I don't name my cars but I have deep feelings for them!!


Yoli said...

Oh that is amazing about the pendant. I get chills!!! Mr.Man and his Dad were also born in the year of the dog! Both are air signs, my husband is Libra and Mr.Man is an adorable Gemini.

Danielle said...

I'm 1982! I'd have to agree about us possessing the best traits of human nature ;)

I don't think I'm selfish, but I am DEFINITELY stubborn.

I'm not cold either.