Friday, March 21, 2008

The Pink Giraffe

I have very few baby pictures of myself and with four exceptions the ones I do were my grandmother's "seconds".  I had this odd feeling tonight and looked and I found a picture of me in my crib at approximately three months with the aforementioned giraffe.  I found others not as clear.  Apparently "he" traveled with me.  Is this another kooky sign?
I went to a big  baby store to look around and really wanted to just buy a little something to solidify my decision.  This is what I came up with.  It's really soft and just the right size for a toddler.  I started sleeping with it and will send in a care package after I get PA.  It was a little bittersweet when I called mom to tell her.  She told me I had a similar giraffe in my crib when I was a baby and apparently was a favorite companion of mine.
So on another note, the experience so far has been great. People have been incredibly supportive and I have even had the chance to correspond with a fellow AP from my agency who did her LOI at the same time as me for a beautiful little girl the same age.  This is especially nice since I only really connected with a few people from my agency as most live closer to there than here.
I am still playing the name game and hope to make a decision once I see an updated photo.  I can't imagine what she looks like now.  Think good thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Lisa...if you can, go buy a second giraffe. She may not get the first one, or it might not come with her when you adopt (no matter what directions you enclose). This seems really special, so get another one & plan to take it with you when you go. If she does have the first, well, believe me, you'll be happy for two when you have to wash one, or one goes missing....=)

mom to Lindsi & Jami

Cavatica said...

Love the giraffe! I slept with a blankie that we sent to Snowflake in a care package, but it was lost in the mail. I recommend you get another, just in case. Most care packages in our travel group made it to the orphanage.

kris said...

That giraffe is the bomb! I so hope you get updated photos soon, I'm so excited for you!! Plus I'm just dying to know what her name will be :)

lisa said...

I was going to say "hey buy a second one" but I see so many wise people did already!

Michele said...

The new giraffe is so cute. I love it. That you chose the giraffe over all the other just show that you are meant to be her Mommy.