Sunday, March 19, 2006


How cute is this? "Petunia" as she is often referred to around her already has "Sushi Lover" and I am waiting for "Bagels-n-Lox". At this rate, she is going to have a full closet before I turn around. Actually I really haven't bought too much, just hats and books. I just thought this was so cute that I had to post. These theme outfits are made by Best of Chums. (


Sherry said...

You cant imagine how happy I am for you. I realize that we havent seen each other in years, let alone talk, BUT, you have to know that I only want the best for you. If there is ever anything I can do please do not hesitate. I know its not easy raising a child alone!!! I'm not that far from you, believe it or not I'm great with kids too!!! Did I mention my mother was born in CHINA???

Naomidancing said...

Hey Lisa, just created my own blog based on yours! Sort of went for a big ride to create it unintentionally, but at least now I have one. anyway, to add value to your quality #10 in the list, I have several sweet things Irina's too big to wear now. We can transfer them from my closet to your closet!

Naomi (+Irina, age 3, adopted Kazakstan 10/6/03).