Tuesday, March 28, 2006

To Hell and Back

It's been a tough week but I will bring you up to speed albeit briefly for tonight. First there was a snafu in my courier who held my documents an extra day for nothing. It was no major deal but cost me anxiety and an extra $40 which was easily resolved. The guy was nice enough so no major complaints. Truthfully, I have been quite pleased with their service and would recommend them to others. I used them to walk my documents through the Secretary of State and Chinese Embassy in two batches and in each group one document needed to be certified by the county clerk. They are professional and respond pretty quick to any questions or concerns. I will use them for my visa when it's time to travel. So I have been using UPS for all my overnighting needs such as my agency and the courier. They are by far fabulous with a capital F. Well on the return back to me they mis-routed my documents (171-H and Home Study) and they ended up in the wrong hub out east. Okay no major deal, it would be here Monday instead of Saturday. WRONG! They were lost as of last night but I must say despite the fact that operations closes for deliveries at 7pm, workers were calling me until 10pm looking for my documents once they knew the importance of them. A supervisor located them early this morning and personally drove them to my house from Suffolk County and then wouldn't even take a tip to buy himself breakfast on me. I plan to write a mighty nice letter to UPS operations to commend them on taking such a personal approach on such a personal issue to me; just one of a gazillion customers. The moral of the story is my dossier is off to my agency and will arrive there by morning. My fabulous China Coordinator will review its contents for accuracy and if all is a go, I will be DTC on Friday 3/31. WOO HOO! However due to a camera snafu I have to redo my dossier photos tomorrow and overnight them to the agency Thursday so they have them Friday morning. Y that time my dossier will have been reviewed and we should be all set. CHINA HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!