Thursday, March 16, 2006

My New Blog

I decided to try blogspot. I have been using another site which I pay for and it really was limited in its features. I've been following several people's blogs on here and it seemed so easy to use and upload photos and such from China that it seemed silly not to try. Well guess what? It's not so easy for someone like me with minimal skills but I am learning a little more each day. My other site has a guestbook but there are no spaces for people to leave comments on posts and I really want it to be a place for communication, especially when I am in China and wanting to share how the trip is going and get feedback. It will probably take some time until I get the hang of this new site so bear with me and feel free to leave comments.


Lori and Pete said...

Hi Lisa,
Yes. You can leave messages and comment on posts with Blogspot; however, my experience was that in China, the blog was blocked so that I could not read it or people's comments. I was able to post to my blog, including photos. I just could not view my blog.

Here's to a speedy referral!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!

I also had a friend use this site and had a hard time in China accessing it. They decided to use another adoption journal service. I think it is "free" also.

The website is
you can view their journal in the public section. Journey To Bryn.