Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March Madness

Well here it is another month and I am getting closer to the end of the paper chase. I had my FBI prints taken 2 weeks ago and am waiting for the clearance . Once I have it, I can finally submit my dossier to my agency who will walk it in to the CCAA in Beijing. Then my part is done and I have to simply wait. I refer to it as being "paper pregnant" especially since the current time frame is about 9 months, whereas when I began the process in October it was 6 months. Once I am DTC I have a variety of projects to keep me busy including checking into daycare, finding a pediatrician and getting myself properly immunized for the trip as recommended by the Center for Disease Control. As of now it looks like I will need the Hep B series, Hep A series, Tetanus, Typhoid and I will likely add Cholera. Unfortunately the water is so bad you cannot even brush your teeth with it and must use bottled or boiled water. It's been an emotional day today as it is the second anniversary of my friend Eileen's death and December marked three years since Shannon died. It seems like he's around me at times and I know how happy he'd be if he were here to be "Uncle Shandu". Another recent thing has been sharing the adoption with someone who has become very special in my life. Days like this I feel truly blessed to have family and friends who truly support my decision and are as excited as I am. I love you all!