Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My First Giveaway

www.ClickinMoms.com I realize I'm a nobody special in the land of blogville but figured so many people have done something special or good as a result of something I've posted. Last year you may have donated to my Toddler Toes and Precious Piggies fundraiser for Qianjiang Orphanage or you may have recently given your daily Starbucks allowance to a photographer who tragically lose her son last week to H1N1 or you may have offered me your ear, advice and support while I was having a meltdown in China. Perhaps you just come by every now and then to see how we're doing or maybe you just got lost and didn't run for the exit sign. Regardless of the reason, I want to do something nice for YOU. So here's the deal. The fine people at CLICKINMOMS are going to give one of my lucky readers a one-year membership (value of over $50). To enter, just leave me your first name and last initial (if I don't know you). You can't do anonymous posting for this. Tell me what you'd like to learn about photography. We'll do the drawing on Halloween. In case you didn't know, CLICKINMOMS is a tremendous community of women (and a few brave men) who love photography. Whether a novice with a point and shoot or a seasoned professional, it's a wonderful forum that is filled with knowledge, tips, tutorials and a membership that spans the globe. Since joining, I've learned so much and have turned that knowledge into taking beautiful photos of my daughter and my life. Good Luck!!! PS. In order to win the prize you cannot be a current member.


Debby said...

I'll be first....sign me up!!

Teri C. said...

I would love to learn to take photos of my daughters! Please add my name...thanks!
Teri C

Lilly said...

Hi Lisa,

Just the occasional reader because I love pictures of Emme.

I have a Emily too, 3 years old. And I love taking her pictures and have to lure her with candy and such so she will pose for mama. I started DSRL about a year ago but have not had any chances to take a class yet. I will love to learn to take better pictures of my kids before they turn 18. HA!

Lilly B.

Erica said...

I love that photos can capture a moment that you might not notice with the naked eye. I like that it saves those moments--both good and bad--for a lifetime. The photos I have of Duc as a wee little one are some of my most priceless treasures. I would love to grow and learn to do more as a photographer so add my name to the pot!

Erica G.

Kris said...

you know i'm in on this :O) thanks for doing this you are awesome.

Janet and Kevin said...


Count us in. What fun! Soon I am going to have a fundraiser for Eli on our blog with a couple of prizes. Give a hug to Emme for us.

Love you both,
Kevin and Janet B

Special K said...

I'm in.
Krista G.

I might actually see if my brother wants it. He's a budding photographer and quite talented.
I'll reap the benefits of any skills he acquires cuz he's going to China with me as my own personal photographer for my adoption trip. :)

proud mama said...

Me too, me too, please! I want to learn photoshop and studio lighting...

Lisa S said...

Lisa S
I would love to learn about lighting and backgrounds