Friday, October 23, 2009

Welcome Ryan Michael

Congrats to friends Andrea and Chris on the birth of your second child; a son. He is absolutely precious and I was thrilled when he was handed to me when I visited Andrea in the hospital. He had the most beautiful skin; not a mark on him. Andrea, Chris and Madison are yet another example of the gifts I've received through adoption. If I didn't have Emme, I wouldn't have met them. Our girls adore one another and spend each day together at daycare. You'll also find them chasing each other and having simultaneous meltdowns when it's time to leave gym class. I don't want to get a beating so no pics of the beautiful mama, just the babe.

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Andrea and Chris (but mostly Andrea) said...

Thank you so much, I feel so honored that we have a whole post just for us. The pictures are beautiful and I too feel blessed to have you both in our lives. Maddy talks about Emme daily and Chris and I just adore her. Chris even said Emme had the meltdown the other day because she missed him and he didn't get to put her shoes on!

I can't wait to have our official picture shoot! See you tomorrow.

:) Andrea