Sunday, May 25, 2008

Flip Video Test

I was pondering the purchase of a camcorder and wondered if it would truly get used considering one with a hard drive runs about $500. Do you have it handy to capture those moments or is it something that would end up sitting in the closet? I came across this and wondered if it was any good. I really didn't get a chance to look at it more closely but first saw it on Oprah when she touted it as one of her favorite things. So after getting the scoop on it from another AP I figured I'd give it a try. It's the size of a larger cell phone, weighs next to nothing and runs off two AA batteries. It connects via USB and is also very inconspicuous. I used it yesterday for the first time as a test at a baseball game in Wilmington, Delaware. The sounds is pretty good considering we were outdoors, the image decent close up but the zoom is really ineffective. This won't take the place of a real camcorder but for travel, capturing close moments I think it's pretty neat and worth the low ticket price. You need a steady hand as you will see (I moved a bit) so the little tripod sold separately isn't a bad idea. The only real downside so far is the time is takes to upload even on a new computer with high speed internet and I haven't figured out how to edit yet.

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kris said...

I'm pretty impressed for that price... and how small it is, perfect for that "gotcha" moment :O) (Provided your person filming isn't crying so hard they're shaking, right??)