Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Countdown

The Empress slept through the night; no screaming at 3am. She did great today at breakfast and I opted to leave her back with grandma-ma while I went shopping. My back was crying and I needed a few hours to myself. I brought her back a few treasures including a jade baby bangle bracelet, pearls for her 16th birthday and a traditional Chinese party dress. When I returned with bananas in hand she was sitting in the stroller. We "think" she was afraid of the straps which secure a child in. I didn't think of it and feel like an ass. She has marks on her thighs which suggest she was tied to something and the center had tried potty training but said she was "uncooperative". Without being secured in, she rode in it for over an hour while we had lunch (came out and went back in) and perused the shops by the hotel. I am hoping this will continue so mama's back gets a rest. I don't mind carrying her for security reasons but can't do it non-stop. I am hoping tomorrow she will ride a little so we can go to the Buddhist Temple and have her blessed. I know some people reading this will not understand but she is petrified of Chinese women; particularly if they are wearing uniforms. The only exception is the housekeeping staff because she loves to clean AND they do not speak to her so there is no threat. I am hoping in time she will feel more comfy since we live in an Asian community with opportunities to participate in cultural events if she chooses. All in all a better day for mama and baby who is napping at 5:30pm which means she will be up until midnight. I guess her night owl behavior will help her acclimate to NY time. We went to the local Walmart-like store where you can buy your fresh chicken feet along with your Jissbon Condoms and adult diapers. It was quite the experience.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad things are going better. I am sure there will be setbacks but this is good news. I think you look like a pro in that picture.

Anonymous said...

Emme looks great! It seems like you guys have come a long way in such a short time. Her smiles are wider and brighter!

I didn't make it to the pearl shop on my trip it looks like it will be a definate stop next time around!

Jen from Utah

Wendy said...

The fear should pass with time. M was terrified of Chinese people in general for about six months. I think the change to all things foreign--us, English,etc.--hinders them being able to accept two cultures for awhile. Now M loves all things Chinese (two years later) and embraces her birth culture. Give it time.

I had to laugh, I think we have the same mindset--I bought almost all the same things (albeit in Nanning) and I was reading your bath post and M's first bath was in GZ as well. We look back and she seriously thought the tub was a giant squatty! The white swan had the marble so I think she new it was different, it took coaxing and a bit of just get her in there and aha! a bath.
Good luck on the rest of your journey.

kris said...

I am just beaming... beaming, so happy things continue to improve.

xoxo to you all :)

Snowflowers Mum said...

so glad things are improving.

Cant wait to hear more once you get home.

Cavatica said...

I'm glad you know enough of her history to understand some of her traumas, like restraint.

How I miss finding my chicken feet and condoms side by side!

Yoli said...

Hope you bought some condoms along with the pearls. Glad to see you up and about with Emme.