Saturday, June 28, 2008


Hi all! I"m Lisa's backup poster for her while she is in China and she sent me some pictures to post for her on Thursday night (I saw the email yesterday morning). She wasn't able to post them herself. But the internet connection here sucks (I'm on vacation) and yesterday I couldn't open the pictures or even log on to Blogger so I wasn't able to post these for you. So very sorry!For some reason the connection isn't bad this morning so here they are for your viewing pleasure.

P.S. Lisa, you can delete all of these nutty words when you get home if you like.
P.S.S. I'm heading home this morning so thankfully the internet connections from here on out will be A-ok, in case she sends me any more pics to post. They will be up post haste.


Wendy said...

I am glad you have found some food you can supplement with, we had the same issue. Our daughter also would not take any type of dairy for over a year home, now she LOVES dairy. Tastebuds do change and you can supplement in the meantime so don't sweat it.
Good luck on your journey--we had a hotel-body too and our adoption photo and the mugshot on Shaiman are not photos you would put on the mantle.
Take pleasure in the small moments.

Anonymous said...

Banana-rama. So cute.

Qiuqiu's parents said...

Well, for a stinker, she's AWFULLY cute.
I think yogurt and bananas is an excellent idea. Good thinkin', mom!

(btw, my verification word is "eggtox" that weird?)

kris said...

I was SO hoping we'd see her with one of her beloved bananas!!