Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Official

Despite the rough few days, Emme is officially my daughter as of 3:00pm local time. We completed her adoption (in new shoes) in the provincial capital of Chongqing and despite her utter and complete meltdown, they deemed I am an acceptable parent for her. She totally freaks out in elevators and anytime she is expected to "perform", like her adoption photo that must have her eyes open. We received a lovely gold plate as a gift along with her adoption certificate and photo album. She was the loudest babe in the place and the French families receiving their babies took many video and photo clips of the screaming child. I was fond of Pierre, an eight month old wearing pink. He was fond of his daddy and came over for a visit. I did get an unsolicited kiss on my chin today and upon waking she laughs.


Anonymous said...

I am glad things are going a little better. Congrats Lisa and family!

Lisa said...

Congratulations to you both! You might just have to get used to having the loudest child in any place that you happen to be...I still have the loudest one after 6+ years, and despite my best efforts to teach her about her "indoors voice". I've finally accepted that it's just the way it is and that we WILL attract attention where ever we may go.

I got a kick out of seeing the Bobdog shoebox. I bought Peyton the CUTEST pink, infant-sized Bobdog hat when I was in China, which she through down somewhere in out local Wal-Mart the first time she wore it...I've had family after family look for another one in China, and most people never could even find anyone who knew what Bobdog is...we did finally get a khaki colored one, but I'm hoping we can find another pink one when we go back to China, to put away in her box of special things. And maybe a bigger one to wear now, too.

I love those smiling pictures, and the tongue pictures are just adorable!

Lisa in La.

kris said...

Congrats my dear friend :) I am beaming over here. Each day it will get better, so glad to hear you're seeing those changes already!

Debby said...

Lisa...welcome to world of 2 yr olds. I think they had to take Jami's adoption picture 4(!!!) times because she would not stop screaming....& sit on my lap?? Forget about it!

It is interesting that Emme likes the room...Jami did not like being confined in the room at all....(Ithink she was looking for an escape route).

She sure is a cutie!!!! Too bad she freaks in elevators (Cuz I'm thinking you probably use one everyday at home)......

It WILL get BETTER...everyday.....


Mamacita said...

Her joy just shines out in her smiles. Once she is able to work thorugh some of this horrible trauma, you two are going to have a blast! I can just tell!

(I'm not promising that every day will be sunshine and roses, but you're going to have many beautiful wondeful days with that lovely little girl!)

And who doesn't love new shoes?

Anonymous said...

Here is some elevator help... my first daugter had the same issue. Turn her away from the door. Remember they have had enough sudden loss. Having a complete floor disappear is a bit unnerving. If you can turn her away from the door closing and reopening, you will find elevators become much much better!
All the best from the northeast!

Blogs by Danielle said...

Congrats, Lisa! So happy for you both! You look so sweet together.


ps. a very sweet mom just sent you $50 through paypal since she missed the raffle.

Diane said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm single too and have followed your journey through the singles blog -- but have never contacted you. I just have to tell you how beautiful your daughter Emme is! She even looks like you! I wish you all and Emme all the best! You're a very lucky Mom!

LID 3/29/06

Yoli said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you both Lisa. This is beginning of a long life love affair. I never thought I could love so deeply but children do that to you.

Anonymous said...


Congrat's on officially becoming a family! I'm glad things are slowly becoming better everyday. Just remember you both are going thru a lot of different emotions right now and things will get better and better with time.

I just loved the first family photo! You both look great together!!!

With all my love,
Dee and Kailey

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Emme,

Congratulations on finding each other! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy your trip. Emme is such a cutie!!!!

Lucky Mama to Rose

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Yeah for Miss Emme... huge hugs to you both... take care

Juliette said...

Love that fist! Way to go Emme.
You girls rock and you're going to be so fantastic together. I am so thrilled for you Lisa, your life will never be the same!

Michele said...

Just thought of something... I know it's hot but try a hip hammock kind of thing for her. Even if you can find some material or something as a sling. Maybe that closeness would help in public?? Not sure what you can find over there but it worth a shot.

dd Jocelyn

Lisa said...

I think Michelle's idea is a good can find websites about slings I think, that will tell how to wrap a length of fabric into one...that would probably be the best solution because there is usually some extra fabric ( a "tail") that she could use to hide behind, if she chooses to be out of sight.

Ava Baby said...

Hi Lisa,
Congratululations! Emme is such a beautiful baby. I'm also a single mom of a 2 year old. Hang in there, both your comfort levels will continue to improve. We've been together for 16 months now and things just keep getting better. You guys look great together and will bring such joy to each other's lives.
Best of luck. Michele (Ava's mom)

Kim said...

Lisa sounds like things are going better. Emme is beautiful and things will calm down soon as she gets used to you and you to her. Enjoy china!

Home with Victoria from Vietnam

Barbara said...

Wahoo! Congratulations on making it official! Emme is gorgeous - give her time - you're both doing great. Yoli is so right about love for your child. I never knew unconditional love until I met my children.

Cavatica said...

Well, her lungs are good, huh? Nice to see a pic of Anita! She was great!!!