Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Decision

I am confirmed to leave on June 18th for Beijing. My flights are direct which is great and the flight is less than half filled so far so the chance of extra room is likely. I am booked, tickets are issued so the countdown officially begins. I had initially requested that Emme not be returned to the SWI. There was just no point for her to make that HUGE trip, have a triple trauma (traveling back, going from SWI to provincial capital and then me). In addition while not nearly as substantial as other areas, Chongqing was somewhat affected by the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. Why take that added risk? I don't have a real need to see the place where she is now and because she is happy there I feel better knowing she will never have the memory of me "taking her" from there. I know it's a good place and I know she has been very well cared for. I wanted to see her SWI and the area where she is from but not at her emotional expense or risk to her safety. She hasn't lived there in 10 months so it's probably not that fresh in her memory. In response to my request I was given several options as I mentioned and after careful consideration I have decided her adoption will be done in Beijing. Her center will bring her there (still several hour trip) and I will cover the expense for the representative to travel from her provincial capital to Beijing. The cost is equal to that if I had to fly to her province for her adoption. So it basically looks like I will be in Beijing for the 5 days usually required in the child's province. Since I am meeting up with my travel group of 12 families, I will likely be in Beijing 7 days before moving to Guangzhou. I think this will work out well and I will be able to take her around the capital of her birth country. I hope someday to return and at that time we can plan to travel to her place of birth.


Kathryn said...

Congratulations Lisa, your dream is about to come true!!!!!!!! How unbelievably special, it's so heartwarming to see some of the people who started at the same time we did get to the end of this journey and with the most precious of all gifts, a child.

Crystal said...

Can't wait to meet you in Beijing. This is going to be the trip of our lives!