Monday, July 21, 2008

Mama goes to work and a funny

Today I went back to work (just on Mondays). Emme woke this morning and didn't believe me when I told her grandma-ma was in the living room. She kept shaking her head NO so when grandma-ma entered the bedroom she laughed with abandon. I got ready and Miss Em screamed and kicked the door when I left making me feel worse when I realized I forgot my office keys and had to come back in. She screamed for 5 minutes, whimpered for 15 and was fine. I called and talked to her and she laughed. I worked 2/3 of the day and did a few errands and she was SO happy when I came home. It felt good to get out of the house but I did miss her. So the funny story of the day.....grandma-ma had to use the bathroom and per usual Emme is the guest for this event. Grandma started to look around when she realized there wasn't "enough" toilet paper, as she didn't notice the roll behind her on the tank. Emme who witnessed this event, ran out of the bathroom and came back with the tub of wipes which she proudly gave grandma to use for her needs. After I got home, we dropped off the last of the poop samples at the doctor's office, went to Target and had dinner with our friends from yesterday. She sat like a little lady and dined on a kids meal of mac n cheese. Tomorrow we visit the daycare and barring anything unforeseen she begins on Wednesday.


Jill said...

I would SWEAR we signed something in China unbeknownst to us that stated we gave up ALL privacy in ANY bathroom...........

Debby said...

I STILL have regular bathroom "guests" & mine are 6 & lasts a long time....=)

Lisa...she is so smart & intuitive.

Enjoy your Tue.


Anonymous said...

Oh it sounds like she is doing so well! She even knows the bathroom routine! I like that London will change the toilet paper roll. They come in handy for things like that. I have finally taught her the word "privacy" though. Not that is helps much.


Yoli said...

I think that you are feeling more normal now that you are going back to work. Getting back to your old routine does wonders. She will enjoy the daycare and being around other children.

Anonymous said...

Emme is so adorable. Wait 'til she gets really curious why YOU'RE on the potty so long. "You're having your period? You're having diarrhea?" And "When you're big (meaning when she's big) you can get your period!"

Sounds like Emme is adjusting well. Good luck on transitioning to daycare.

ST, mommie of R