Wednesday, July 23, 2008

That's my girl

Emme slept the entire night albeit in my bed. I got up first, made her breakfast and then woke her for her scrambled eggs and crackers. She then got washed and dressed (a battle) and we left for daycare aka school. I stayed 10 minutes, said my good-byes and left. I called an hour later and she was fine, no tears. I called after lunch and she did well. She was yawning so they took out a cot for her which she covered with her sheet and blanket and took off her shoes and socks. She napped for an hour and woke up happy. When I arrived at 4:30 she was all smiles and yelled "mama". It does my heart good to know she had such a nice day with no apparent problems. To celebrate we went to TGIF with friends and came home for a bath, a story and bed (I hope). I on the other hand came home after dropping her off, went back to bed for an hour and then cleaned some, showered, got a manicure/pedicure and a battery for my watch. All in all, a good day. We are looking forward to the weekend; BBQ and swim with friends on Friday night, time with Ra-Ra on Saturday and a BBQ with her grandparents and Uncle Marc on Sunday. It's nice to know I am figuring out what works for her. I knew she missed being around other kids and suspected she would do well in daycare. Let's hope I'm right! Since I had not initially planned to start her this soon, I am still home in case any needs arise. I will go in a few days next week and then go back FT the week after. Emme is showing her "no I won't go to bed mama" face.


mam said...

That's an AWESOME first day, quite literally: I'm in awe of how well she did. I hope we get to that place too...and am really happy that it went so well for you!

Chinazhoumom said...

Sounds like you and Emme are settling into a daily routain - it makes all the difference-I did the same thing - started K within a week of getting home - few hours her and there - till the week before I started work again - she was in full time - gave me some nice mommy deserve it !
carol in FL

Anonymous said...

Nothings better after a long day at work, than picking up your kid and seeing them smile and be so happy to see you. Don't worry about her sleeping with you (unless it's keeping you up). You can deal with that later on. She is so cute!
Amy & London

Beverly said...

Amazing, what a great day. Hope you had luck with bedtime. Glenys still fights sleep.

Beth S said...

I am enjoying watching the two of you transition into your lives together! It brings back memories and reminds me what I am waiting for again. I was so proud of my girl when she transitioned so easily to her day care/school. You just never know and there is such relief when it goes well. Four years later, I still get a charge when Anna is so excited to see me at the end of the day. It makes all the headaches at work much more tolerable when you know you have that daughter who will be so excited to see you.

FTIA LID 4/21/06