Sunday, July 13, 2008


Since people have asked...I have lost 17 pounds since the day I got Emme in China. It hasn't been a conscious effort but as I have mentioned in prior posts I have had a few instances of anxiety and when that happens I can't eat. Losing weight is a bonus of sorts though this wasn't the way I wanted to do it. I am hoping in the coming weeks I will be able to eat better but also exercise more with my girl who loves to be outside.


kris said...

Hmm. To get to goal weight I'll need to adopt two.

I'll get on that :)

The Mocha Mom said...

Deep breaths, relax, and take a little time for yourself. Finding something the two of your girls can bond over might really help, like have her help you make "bead buddies" or scrapbook, or make crayola clay figures together. That time will really help you, and snack of course while doing so. Nuts make great snacks. Best wishes!

Wendy said...

Been there, but unfortunately after a year it came back! The stress and time constraints just seemed to much and I was so busy meeting her needs I tended forget my own. Try and get some time for yourself.

Glad to see you are finding a routine. It will ebb and flow, but get better each time it comes back to the good.

Doreen said...

Best weight loss program I ever went on! Both times. Sadly, I too gained the weight back. Both times(sigh). I think it has to do with all the Kraft dinner and chips I now keep in the house.