Saturday, July 05, 2008


We're been home for 2 days now and while sleep deprived we are doing okay. I finally slept last night when Em took her 9 hour power nap. I tried to wake her after an hour and she wasn't having anything to do with that nonsense. She was in such distress I let her go back to sleep. She slept until 1:30am which is better than yesterday when she slept until 8:30pm. While I want to get us on a normal schedule ASAP I want her to feel secure too. Truth is we have no demands on us for time so if it takes a week so be it. My grandmother and MP have been our only visitors. She is eating and drinking well but is pulling on her ear so I have a call into the pediatrician. She is also sneezing probably as a result of the AC but otherwise a healthy girl. I freaked last night when everyone went home because it was the first time I'd be alone with her since coming home. Quite frankly it scares me to death. Not sure why but it does even though I know it's good for bonding, etc. Today after our groceries are delivered we will go out to the park 2 blocks away and get some daylight in us. It should help make sleeping a little better. I wish she would sleep in her bed since she hates being with me and my bed is SO high. My new mattress is so thick the safety rail sticks out just a teeny bit so it doesn't really do the job necessary. I am hoping in time she will like her little bed and sleep in it so I can worry less and actually sleep with both eyes closed.


Samantha said...

When Lilly first came home she didn't want to be alone in her room. I actually slept on the floor in her room for a few nights. I would lay on the floor holding her hand then try to sneak away when she was finally asleep. The first few nights I had to stay or she would wake. I also kept a sound machine/cd playing in there. She wasn't used to no one being around. Maybe you could let her pick a stuffed animal or some new sheets for her bed. I wish you luck!

Juliette said...

She will find a good routine and so will you. It was different for us (and easier I know) because Maƫlle was younger and and I guess had less way to express her wills.
But the first week was hectic too. As long as you both get the sleep, the food you need, don't bother about the rest.
I would have been alone with her when home I would have been scared to death too. What you're doing is not something everybody can do. You are someone special, you CAN do it. But don't feel guilty for being scared. The opposite wouldn't be normal.
Have fun in the park

Anonymous said...

Funny, i was going to take Benjamin to the very same park today....ya know parks are more fun when you have other kids to play with....(hint, hint)

Debby said...

Lisa...Try to enjoy this time with Emme. Take it step by by day & soon you will see that it has come together. I was in a state of awe at becoming a mom & I so remember counting time with Lindsi.....we made it it one day on our own...we made it pne week on our own ......(of course that was the point she ended up in the hospital & sent me reeling backwards, but the upside was at that point I finally FELT like her mom & that I was in charge & the only one completely responsible for her).
Good luck. Get out a little today.

Lindsi & Jami

John & Michelle said...

I thank you so much for your honesty. We are waiting for our baby girl from China and I am scared sometimes too. People tell me that it all comes naturally?!
I'd love to add you all to my sidebar so I can continue to follow along! I'd also love to know if you have any suggestions about the packing!

Eliza2006 said...

Things will be hard for a while. Be sure to be forgiving of yourself. Can you push your bed against a wall? I have my bed against a wall. Eliza sleeps on the wall side and I sleep on the other side so she can't fall out. My bed is high too and we have always been fine. Good luck!


Wendy said...

The routine will come with time. You are doing the right thing not to push it.
Don't feel alone about being nervous; when my husband went back to work after we got home I felt panic set in. He worked 12 hr days at the time and commuted two hours. Us two girls found our rythym and then Daddy got onto a better shift a few months later (8 hr days) and then we both had to adjust again--who was this intruder on our routine! lol
We had no family in our area (closest was a 4 hr plane ride) at that time (for the first year and a half) so that added to my performance anxiety!

It will come. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

An ear infection can make a child irritable, cranky and sleepless. My son suffered from them throughout his toddler years. Air travel can also make them even worse.
Congrats on your new baby and take care!