Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Workin 9 to 5

So today I went back to work which is sooner than I originally planned. Boy was it busy. If I had waited, it would take me a year to catch up. Emme cried this morning for 5 minutes when I dropped her at "school" but otherwise had a good day though NO nap again. She was out cold in less than 5 minutes but fortunately we live 10 minutes away. I am beat but we got out of the house timely this morning. She didn't eat much for breakfast or lunch but I think she's teething. I have a call to a pediatric dentist for an appointment to see what's going on in there. On another note, grandma-ma bought her these jumbo lego type blocks and BOY did she build a tower last night. An architect perhaps?


Anonymous said...

That is one big tower. I think she looks grand. I am so glad she is doing well at day care.

Beverly said...

she is so stinkin' cute. I just love the curls. What a talent to build!

Cavatica said...

Nice towers! She looks great and I'm glad to hear day care is going well.