Friday, July 11, 2008


Rough day here today. The first in a few is a reminder of how hard it's been. I think Em is teething and she won't take tylenol/motrin. She took it easily enough in China but not so much now. She finally fell asleep an hour ago and I hope she wakes in better spirits. I think I mentioned her diet is limited. She doesn't know how to chew and has specific likes. Perhaps her little body knows what it was missing and that's why she laps up dairy products. Today I tried cheese ravioli. Well you'd think it was a bowl of melted chocolate to the rest of us because she wolfed it down, licked the bowl and then put it on her head. Maybe she thought the little bit of liquid would soak into her head and she would get the last bit in. I wish I had the camera handy because it was just TOO funny. As a result of the cheesy head she needed a bath. She has had three in row. She doesn't know what hit but she gives me the look of death when I run the water. After her bath I gave her some raspberry apple sauce which she loved. We are waiting for our friend and her daughter to come over for a play date. Mom needs one as much as daughter.


Debby said...

Next time you need to give the Motrin ot Tylenol mix the liquid form in with her apple sauce, pudding, or yogurt.

Or if you are sure it is teething, you can try rubbing some Ambesol on her gums.....if she's not likely to bite you!!

Enjoy your playdate.


Eliza2006 said...

Eliza is rotten when she is teething. We have finally entered a more human stage. The last four months were difficult and I think it was partly due to the fact that she cut all 4 2-year molars.
I must tell you, you are doing a good job. Two years old isn't easy. I think I would have been worried beyond belief if I had just started parenting Eliza, for fear that this was just her personality. Just know that there are many, many phases. Some good and some bad. As my mother says, "Don't get used to anything...the minute you do, it will change (goes for both good and bad)".
Emme is cute, cute, cute! Eliza LOVES all things dairy as well! She still can't get enough cheese (and has constipation to prove it!). Enjoy your time at home. I am loving your updates.


Samantha said...

Teething is definitely tough! I am beginning to wonder if Lilly's Two year molars are coming in. She has been tough the last few days. Temper tantrums and tears! Hopefully they will both improve quickly! I hope you had fun on your playdate! I find the more I get her out of the house the better she is. She always wants to go Bye bye. Good Luck! I feel your pain!

Yoli said...

Hang in there girl, it gets easier. I cannot tell you enough. You also adopted at a difficult age but you are doing fine Lisa, really. Just take it one day at a time. I wish you would have taken a picture. You are right in assuming she is craving what her body needs. Give her milk and a lot of the cheese.